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Agrumato Olive Oil Mandarin
Made with fresh Mandarin citrus fruit picked at its peak and crushed with fresh, certified organic early harvest Chetouiolives using 100% mechanical cold extraction methods.
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Agrumato Olive Oil Smoked Dried Chaabani Pepper
Dried red Chaabani peppers were dried in kilns that used olive wood and its smoke to dry them
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Cracker Seasoning
Package instructions say canola oil, clearly we recommend olive oil :)
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Dark Balsamic Denissimo
Our Denissimo is made from Trebbiano grape must which is naturally caramelized and cooked down to an even greater extent, and aged for EVEN longer in the traditional “Batteria” of Modena. Our exclusive “Denissimo” contains less than 1% barrel aged Italia
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Dark Balsamic Lavender
Floral, sweet and slightly herbaceous, our Lavender Balsamic captures the essence of this ancient flower.
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