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Wild Honey Bee Farm

About WHBF

Garrett, the owner of Wild Honey Bee Farm has been around bees his whole life. Beekeeping is something he has always enjoyed, even as a child. When Garrett graduated high school, he was given the opportunity to start his own hives. Starting out with just 7 hives he learned hive management, an intricate part of beekeeping. Throughout the years he has been able to slowly expand into several hundred hives. At Wild Honey Bee Farm, Garrett enjoys keeping his family traditions alive by continuing beekeeping the old fashion way that he learned from his grandparents.

Wild Honey Bee Farm is a small business that focuses more on the quality of the beehives over the quantity. They sell bees, pollinate farmer's crops, and produce natural raw honey along with making beeswax candles and now lotions.